Sustainable Water

The Land of Plenty

JEN SoCal 1 is a developer that cares about protecting the environment and preserving natural resources—and nowhere is this commitment more evident than at Summerwind Trails. JEN SoCal 1 helped to implement an innovative dual-plumbing water system, where two sets of water pipes go to each homesite—one for drinking water and one with recycled water for irrigation of resident’s lawns and gardens, as well as the community’s parks, schools and public areas. This practice saves millions of gallons of drinking water each year that would otherwise be used for irrigation, reducing the community’s demand for drinking water by more than 60 percent. Your home’s landscape can be leafy, lush and wonderfully green. And, of course, since recycled water for irrigation is less expensive than drinking water, you can expect to save money on your water bills.

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80 acres of planned parks. Over 1,400 acres of open space. Get out there.

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